• Final lists for selected candidates to join various degree programmes at RUCU

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  • ALMANAC 2016/17


  • Important information for New and Continuing Students

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  • Bank Account numbers to be used for payments at RUCU


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  • Selected candidates to join various Certificate and Diploma Programs at RUCU through NACTE

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  • Some ICT graduands
    Some ICT graduands
  • During the graduation event
    During the graduation event
  • Brass Band marching to the graduation grounds
    Brass Band marching to the graduation grounds
  • Dr. Amon Nsekela Hostel
    Dr. Amon Nsekela Hostel
  • With Joy on Graduation
    With Joy on Graduation
  • Holy Mass Celebration on Graduation Day
    Holy Mass Celebration on Graduation Day
  • Graduands
  • Chancellor with other staff members
    Chancellor with other staff members

Welcome to RUCU! Karibu RUCU!

Ruaha Catholic University (RUCU) is the successor of  Ruaha University College (RUCO) which was established by the Tanzania Episcopal Conference (TEC) under its Trust Deed of the Registered Trustees of Ruaha University College  through the generous support of well wishers (friends of RUCU) within and outside the country.

The University is governed and administered in accordance with the Catholic Church Policy on Higher Education Institutions – Ex Corde Ecclesia and the provisions of the constitution establishing a University. Nonetheless, RUCU is a private and secular institution of higher learning that is open to all regardless of their faith or religious affiliations. It does not discriminate on any grounds such as faith or their backgrounds, religious affiliation, race, ethnicity, gender, disability or caste.