• List of Graduands 2016/2017


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  • 10th Convocation Day and Graduation Ceremony: Information to Graduands

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  • List of Applicants Selected by RUCU and other Universities Round 3

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  • List of Applicants Selected in Third Round

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  • Fee Structure 2017/18

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  • HESLB Allocations for RUCU Freshers

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Institute of Allied Health Sciences (IAHS)

At the request of the Consolata Missionaries of Iringa Diocese, RUCU has incorporated what used to be the Medical Laboratory Sciences School - Ikonda in Makete District. The School offered a 3-year Diploma in Medical Sciences designed to produce competent health laboratory technologists to support primary health care activities at the District level. In order to incorporate that programme into the RUCU academic structure, the Governing Board has created an Institute of Allied Health Sciences (IAHS) which is headed by a Director.

The Mission of the Institute is to support the health care delivery system by training competent and caring health care givers in various fields, such as, medical laboratory and pharmacy, in accordance with the operational guidelines for the National Health Laboratory Services Policy and pharmacy Council of Tanzania. This emphasizes a practical skill orientation and research development in order to keep pace with developments and technology.


Directorate of Short Courses and Continuing Education (DSCCE)

The Directorate of Short Courses, Continuing Education and Consultation services is part of an academic community with international reputation and recognition.

The Directorate is a centre with modern and high-tech computer training and maintenance facilities with competent Information and Communication Technology (ICT) staff.

The Directorate offers diverse short courses, trainings and maintenance services to the general public. The courses are conducted by competent instructors/technicians, at competitive cost, which makes it the best choice among community and development-oriented service providers countrywide.

The main objective of the Directorate is to impart liberal education to the humanity by diversifying and complementing the services rendered by the University, with the aim of promoting the development of the community in which Ruaha Catholic University operates.


Directorate of Postgraduate Studies Research Consultancy and Publications (DPGSR)

RUCU started with undergraduate programmes with Faculties of Law and Information Communication and Technology (ICT) being the two founding faculties.
The University College ever since has continued to grow both in academic programmes and staffing let alone the number of students admitted to the college.
The Postgraduate Studies formally started in the academic year 2009/2010 with the first batch of LL.M students being registered in October, 2009 and for Postgraduate Diploma in Law in October, 2011. The academic year 2010/2011 witnessed the start of PhD programmes in Law by thesis in the Faculty of Law together with MBA programmes by course work in the Faculty of Arts and Social Sciences. From there on, Postgraduate study programmes have been on the increase giving way to the start of Masters programmes in Education and Linguistics together with Postgraduate Diploma in Education.

For more Information on DPGSR see here.

For more information on the offered courses by the directorates download University prospectus HERE