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  • 10th Convocation Day and Graduation Ceremony: Information to Graduands

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Congratulations on your upcoming graduation! The University salutes your achievements and extends its best wishes for your future success.

 The 10th Ruaha Catholic University Convocation Day and Graduation Ceremony will take place on the 17th and 18th November respectively.

 The Convocation Day is the congratulatory academic ceremony hosted by University officials in which RUCU  students and academic staff are publicly and formally recognized for their accomplishments as members of an academic community.

Graduation is the process of finalist students being awarded  degrees after successfully completing credit hours and other degree requirements of their programmes.

The Ruaha Catholic University Convocation Day and Graduation Ceremony are therefore about celebrating YOU. 

Please take an active role and make it as successful as you are!

  • All graduands must check and ensure that exam results and personal data are correct on SARES.
    • If there are problems with results, fill out the examination query form and see your Faculty Examination Officer.
    • For any problems with personal data, see Faculty Data Officer.
    • There is a form in the faculty which must be signed to show that you have checked results and data.
    • Failure to do so means that your certificate may be printed incorrectly and then you will have to pay T.Sh. 20,000 to reprint it.
  • If you are intending to attend Convocation and Graduation then there is a place on SARES to indicate that you will be attending. This will only work if your results are complete.
    • This will reserve a graduation gown for you.
    • Graduation gowns must be collected before convocation day.
    • The graduation gown/convocation day fee is T.Sh. 40,000/=.
  • Convocation date is 17th November 2017.
    • This day is for graduands and you should participate fully. Each faculty / institute is expected to present a contribution to the topic, so even if you are not presenting, you should be there to support your faculty / institute.
    • The topic is “Promoting and Sustaining Industrialization in Tanzania.”
  • Graduation Day is 18th November 2017.
    • Graduands’ behaviour: Graduation day is your special day and a formal-official ceremony. It is a solemn day in your academic life as a student on which you, after years of hard work and dedication, will get your hard earned education degrees.
    • Wearing the traditional academic regalia is the dream of every student in front of his colleagues, friends and family members who have supported them in their difficult endeavour.  It is a defining moment in every student’s life. To leave the grounds before the ceremony has concluded is very unprofessional and disrespectful to profession that you have just attained.
    • There will be official photographers during the ceremony. Personal photographers may only be used after the ceremony.
    • The first three levels of the graduation grounds will be for graduands only. There will be a level for friends and family and they may not invade the other grounds during the graduation ceremony.  

    Let’s work together to make our graduation day the best ever!

“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world” - Nelson Mandela